Project Aspire

Life Coaching for Teenagers (For Secondary Schools and Churches)
We recognize the young teenagers represent the future of our country and educating them on purpose, self-esteem; career choices would go a long way in shaping their lives and helping them build a better future.

Project Aspire aims to deliver thought provoking lectures that will:

  1. Awaken their human potential
  2. Help them achieve good grades and excellence in academic performance
  3. Develop self-worth in teenagers and students
  4. Encourage them to put their creative talents to use.

Project Elevate

Developing Capacity for Greatness (For Youths and Higher Institutions)

Greatness is a journey with a lasting impact. To accomplish your journey, you need to discover what it takes to become truly successful. Greatness makes your existence worthwhile not only to you but to the community, nation and the world at large.

Project Elevate will show you how to figure out your role on the road to greatness and how to make effective decisions that will bring about success in life. It will help you establish:

  1. Who you are (identity)
  2. Where you are (current state in life)
  3. Why you are there (causes)
  4. Where you are going (destination)
  5. What you need to get there (tools)