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1BEN CLUB: Life Coaching, Soft skills & Etiquette Training for Teenagers

The BEN CLUB aims to deliver thought provoking learning programs that would cultivate key skills and a positive mental attitude in teenagers, letting them know that they can be the best in all they do and in all facets of life irrespective of their background, grades, religion, ethnic-diversity and the challenges they might be facing. This will help un-motivated students with low confidence levels regain interest in taking control of their lives.

Our programs will help awaken potential in teenagers, help them achieve good grades and excellence in academic performance, develop self-worth in teenagers and encourage them to put their creative talents to use.

Good grades are indeed indispensable to building a career, considering the high competition in securing university admission & internships, soft skills are essential tools that the youth must be equipped with to excel in their chosen field of endeavor, vis-a-vis presenting oneself as likable, being able to relate and listen to other people, finding creative ways forward in conflict resolution and the ability to prioritize and balance life elements, all of these aspects count in opening doors and excelling in life – and it counts in the teenage years when teenagers are learning about social dynamics and creating their base network of people and possibilities.

In the same vein, etiquette training will equip them with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to successfully adapt to an increasingly complex world. We help them move from dependence to independence then ultimately to interdependence. The trainings are designed to teach students the rules of basic etiquette and good manners; polish their social and communication skills, help them to appreciate their good points, develop confidence in their knowledge and their ability to handle new situations with ease, while preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders in a global marketplace.

 2. A.C.T.I.V.A.T.E Conference: (For Youths and Higher Institutions)

Greatness is a journey with a lasting impact. To accomplish your journey, you need to discover what it takes to become truly successful. Greatness makes your existence worthwhile not only to you but to the community, nation and the world at large.

A.C.T.I.V.A.T.E will show you how to figure out your role on the road to greatness and how to make effective decisions that will bring about success in life. It will help you establish:

  • Who you are (identity)
  • Where you are (current state in life)
  • Why you are there (causes)
  • Where you are going (destination)
  • What you need to get there (tools)

3. Project Educate: Project Educate hosts a yearly Back-To-School program and is also involved in provision of library, resource centers and knowledge banks in disadvantaged Communities. We also partner with various organizations towards addressing numerous social issues that affects teenagers, youths and women especially around education and human capacity development.