Developing Your Potential: Your Greatest Responsibility

We live in a brilliant age of civilization where we get to experience all the benefits of living in an advanced society.

These benefits are made accessible to us to ensure we have a high standard of living and high quality of life.

These benefits include:

  • efficient processes in our society, lifestyles, and business.
  • modern technology to fast track most things we do, along with all the integrations that modern technology brings.
  • having all our basic essentials readily available for purchase, use, and consumption.
  • the luxuries and excesses that are so accessible at very affordable means.

However, there are many situations where some advancements have actually brought us to a point where they have reduced our need to develop our strengths and abilities.

Strengths and abilities such as the need to stay alert for opportunities as well as risks; the need to be vigilant in ensuring our disciplines do not get compromised; or even our ability to focus further than a day or a week; many of these has been dulled.

Our Conditioning

We have become conditioned to play it safe, stay in our comfort zones or worst of all… not put our true potential to the test unless it’s really, really urgent!

As human beings, in our day and age, we are never pushed to the limits of our capabilities!

  • Everything is geared towards the weakest link.
  • We don’t have to put in a significant effort to stay comfortable.
  • The basics are received with minimal effort.

The dangers that these advances bring to us is: that our inherent human capabilities that ensure our optimal survival, are being diminished.

Human capabilities such as innovation, thinking, foresight, intuition, real-world intelligence or perception, to name a few.

All of the inherent gifts, given to us free at birth, that contribute to our development and progress skill set, that makes up our potential.

The Ultimate Gift

Our potential is given to us as a gift. A gift that consists of skills and attributes that are given to us so that, we are able to create and influence our circumstances and situations to allow us the experiences of phenomenal success.

This gift of our potential allows us to be resilient, so we can adapt to the dynamic society and circumstances we are a part of.

It consists of a wonderful capability to increase our innovation we can take basics elements and create or innovate awesome devices (tangible and intangible).

Our potential allows us the inherent ability to handle more than the average. We are able to lead people to better outcomes as well as to take care of many!

We are also able to increase our ability to provide a greater level of service and in so doing experience a higher level of fulfillment across all aspects of our lives.

It is those that work consistently and with a laser-like focus on developing their potential that are able to advance their own situation, and bring along those around them.

This is where our potential becomes linked with responsibility… the responsibility to increase our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical carrying capacity so that we can carry more of those around us!

Opportunity Knocks…
Now despite the stagnant trend of the society around us, the outlook for us should be massively optimistic.

The world is calling for more and more people to demonstrate, through understanding and application; the importance of stretching and growing; the importance of developing new skills gifts and talent; the importance of being the leader to those around us!

Our society is primed to take advantage of this massive opportunity. For the progressive and abundant mindset individuals to fill this void!

This is what you become when you concentrate on letting a desire to develop and increase your potential, becomes a part of your lifestyle.

So ask yourself: what are you doing today, compared to what you are capable of doing?

What changes can you bring about that will change your results from good to great?

What are you doing to bring significant influence to your family, friends, and society as a whole?

You are capable… don’t hesitate! Start to develop your potential now!

Article by Allan Smith

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