Access Courses on Coursera for FREE

Bwthebest Network has partnered with Coursera to help 5000 African youth access over 4000+ courses FOR FREE in 11 key areas:

  • Business (963)
  • Computer Science/Tech courses (627)
  • Physical Science & Engineering (375)
  • Data Science (363)
  • Personal Development (346)
  • Health (316)
  • Math and Logic (141)
  • Language Learning (137)
  • Information Technology (69)
  • Others (924)

This partnership will help you transform and update your talent. The world-class learning experiences developed by top universities and industry leaders gives you cutting-edge information that will help you learn skills that can improve your CV, get you promoted, and increase your earning power. Over 80% of Coursera learners report career benefits. This could be you, all you have to do is join Bethebest Network and Apply.

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