Starting A Business – Some Things To Keep In Mind

There are many things that are required to run a successful business. To have a business that you can hang your hat on, I would recommend that you keep these ideas in mind.

1) Build something that you believe in

I learn a huge lesson from owning a company for 5 years. When you are in your dark basement thinking about why your business in not producing in the way you would want it to, there is only one thing that powered me forward, and that was the belief in my purpose.

2) Don’t aim for small changes, be radical with your improvements.

In today’s time, we have incredible products and services through entrepreneurship. I strongly recommend that you keep detailed statistics as far as marketing, profits, and costs. When you stay on top on your statistics, you can track the areas where you need improvements.

3) If you become successful, anticipate copiers

When an idea starts to see success, people all over the world are trying to get in on the action by copying everything you are offering. Although it is unfair, I recommend that you constantly find ways to separate yourself from the pack of copy cats.

4) Save your money, so it can save you later

Although this is powerful advice, it is very hard to do. When I had my start-up, it felt like it was taking all my money. One of the main reasons why my company is still standing is because I kept a strong savings account to cover my losses.

5) Rome was not built in a day

Starting a business from scratch is extremely time consuming. According to Forbes, most companies break even after the fifth year. What that means is, on average, most companies are straight losing money for five years and do not see profit to about 5 to 
7 years.

6) Make sure you are saving your time

It is important to do some careful research on the industry you are a part of. For example, I am a part of the telecommunications industry and I made it a priority to look at the history of companies in my industry. I looked at they survival rates to determine if they can stand the test of time.

7) Consult with your loved ones

When you decide to start a company, your family gets the pros and cons with what comes with starting a company. If your family is opposed to taking the cons of starting a company, then it will make things that much harder for you.

Article by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud

To Improve The Quality Of Your Life, Focus On Getting Better

Personal Growth Is A Long And Arduous Journey

Do you want to improve your life? Are you committed to changing your conditions? Many people will answer yes to these questions, though it is my experience very few people are dedicated to improve their life. This is because the work is difficult, unending and filled with setbacks and disappointments. It is often lined with unpleasant emotions and digging up the past to heal and transform our wounds. But there is no other way than doing the difficult work of attending to our personal growth. It cannot happen overnight nor in thirty days, as many books espouse because this is only skimming the surface.

Everything taking place in your life right now, whether unwanted or not, is the accumulation of your thoughts and beliefs. This is empowering for many reasons least of which means you have the power to change your future by redirecting your thoughts. How you feel about this? Does it make you unhappy that your life’s conditions result from everything you’ve ever thought? Whilst I understand you might feel this way, you may also see the power to create new circumstances for your life from this point forward. As I alluded to earlier, personal growth is a long and arduous journey with many setbacks and detours. Those who embark on this journey give up because of the difficulties they face.

I liken it to the Navy Seals BUD/S program where only 20 to 30% of candidates will graduate. The training is extreme and purposefully designed to weed out those not equipped to become Navy Seals. In some respects, personal growth is the same if you’re not willing to do the work to improve your life. We cannot expect to do little work on ourselves and be awarded the riches of life, it just doesn’t work that way. Read any biography on those who reached the pinnacle of success and you will learn about the struggles they endured. I’m reminded of the quote by the former American football player and coach Lou Holtz who said: “Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.” He was affirming that adversity builds character and contributes to our growth and development.

What Happens When The Going Gets Tough?

Therefore, to improve the quality of your life, avoid focusing on results but aim to get better instead. The goal is to build on your success while noting areas of improvement. For example, I wrote an article recently where I observed two people talking throughout an entire workshop I attended. Years ago, I would have been angered by their lack of courtesy and let them know about it. Think of those who talk throughout an entire film and ruin it for everyone else. However, I sat with my emotions and noted where I experienced the anger in my body. In the next instance, something unexpected happened. I felt compassion for these two people. I was overcome with a sense of peace and harmony because behind the anger was the realisation that only love exists. To reach this loving and peaceful state, we must first experience the anger, yet many people are quick to act on their emotions which prevents them from reaching love, compassion and inner peace.

Is this beginning to make sense, in that getting better should be our focus instead of wishing our lives were different? Are you willing to do the work no matter what it takes? Obviously you are invested in your personal growth because you are reading this article and maybe even sharing it with family and friends. But what happens when the going gets tough and you hit a hurdle in your personal growth? How do you react? Who do you become? I have encountered many setbacks over the past decade, yet I have experienced enormous growth during these times. Life will present us with the experiences needed for our personal growth when we least expect it. We can embrace the lessons or resist them, however they will continue to show up in a different form until we accept what is taking place.

So for now, I’d like you to give some thought to the areas of your life you want to improve. Write down in your journal/diary or on a piece of paper what you would like to improve about your life. Is it your finances, health, love life, career? Be very specific about what you want. Don’t focus on what you don’t want in your journaling.

Second, what is required to change your circumstances? You might think you need to hire a life coach or invest in an expensive course but sometimes it is simpler than that. It may be as simple as not complaining for the next thirty days. It might require investigating your beliefs and forming new ones. The point is: everything you need to change your life is right at your fingertips. As you move through your personal development, the next resource will be made available to you. Therefore, to improve the quality of your life, stop focusing on results and direct your attention to enhancing the life you’re living now.

Article By: Tony Fahkry

How to Set Personal Life Goals for Growth

Change is said to be the only constant in life. Who you were five years ago is not the person you are today. However, you might be feeling like you are just drifting through like aimlessly without any target for where you want to be.

If that feels like you, then you probably have not set any life goals for yourself. Life goals are important because they give guide you, give you focus and a yardstick to know when you are headed in the right direction.

What are life goals?

When most people think of personal development, finances come to mind. However, personal development entails continuous expansion of various facets of your life including spiritual, social, mental and physical.

If any one of these facets of your life isn’t in order, then all the others might crumble. Self-development, therefore, is multi-faceted and a continuous process that seeks to achieve self-actualization. It therefore never stops.

How to Set Personal Life Goals

You probably have heard that goals should be SMART. This means that they should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. When your goals are SMART, you are able to visualize them and set up a plan on how to achieve them in the decided time-frame.

Before you jump into writing down SMART goals, you must visualize your life in five or ten years to come. What do you want to achieve by then?

Take the large goals and the big picture and break it down into smaller goals that you should achieve progressively starting today. The smaller you break down your goals, the easier it becomes to achieve them. As you achieve smaller goals, you get motivated because the bigger picture becomes that much closer every day.

Categories you Might Set Life Goals In

As stated earlier, personal development is multi-faceted. It involves all aspects of your life including the following: career, financial, education, family, health, attitude, physical, pleasure, social, love, relationships and spiritual.

It is essential that you focus on all aspects of your life and aim to get better every day.

Take Action

Setting goals and having a plan is one thing; but without action, it all becomes wishful thinking. It is important, therefore, that you start today to work on your goals. As started earlier, it becomes easy to achieve the bigger goals when they are broken down into smaller ones.

Do something daily or weekly that works towards your long term goal without thinking of how long you have to do it. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by how much you have to achieve.

Conduct Progress Reviews

You will not know how far you have come unless you are able to measure your progress. A progress review helps you know whether you are still on track or you have derailed off what you should have been doing.

You can choose when to do the progress reviews based on the goals you need to achieve. You can do it annually, semi-annually or even quarterly.

Go on and use this guide to set smart personal life goals that will see you achieve you dreams in all the facets of your life.

Article by: Mathenge Kabui

Developing Your Potential: Your Greatest Responsibility

We live in a brilliant age of civilization where we get to experience all the benefits of living in an advanced society.

These benefits are made accessible to us to ensure we have a high standard of living and high quality of life.

These benefits include:

  • efficient processes in our society, lifestyles, and business.
  • modern technology to fast track most things we do, along with all the integrations that modern technology brings.
  • having all our basic essentials readily available for purchase, use, and consumption.
  • the luxuries and excesses that are so accessible at very affordable means.

However, there are many situations where some advancements have actually brought us to a point where they have reduced our need to develop our strengths and abilities.

Strengths and abilities such as the need to stay alert for opportunities as well as risks; the need to be vigilant in ensuring our disciplines do not get compromised; or even our ability to focus further than a day or a week; many of these has been dulled.

Our Conditioning

We have become conditioned to play it safe, stay in our comfort zones or worst of all… not put our true potential to the test unless it’s really, really urgent!

As human beings, in our day and age, we are never pushed to the limits of our capabilities!

  • Everything is geared towards the weakest link.
  • We don’t have to put in a significant effort to stay comfortable.
  • The basics are received with minimal effort.

The dangers that these advances bring to us is: that our inherent human capabilities that ensure our optimal survival, are being diminished.

Human capabilities such as innovation, thinking, foresight, intuition, real-world intelligence or perception, to name a few.

All of the inherent gifts, given to us free at birth, that contribute to our development and progress skill set, that makes up our potential.

The Ultimate Gift

Our potential is given to us as a gift. A gift that consists of skills and attributes that are given to us so that, we are able to create and influence our circumstances and situations to allow us the experiences of phenomenal success.

This gift of our potential allows us to be resilient, so we can adapt to the dynamic society and circumstances we are a part of.

It consists of a wonderful capability to increase our innovation we can take basics elements and create or innovate awesome devices (tangible and intangible).

Our potential allows us the inherent ability to handle more than the average. We are able to lead people to better outcomes as well as to take care of many!

We are also able to increase our ability to provide a greater level of service and in so doing experience a higher level of fulfillment across all aspects of our lives.

It is those that work consistently and with a laser-like focus on developing their potential that are able to advance their own situation, and bring along those around them.

This is where our potential becomes linked with responsibility… the responsibility to increase our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical carrying capacity so that we can carry more of those around us!

Opportunity Knocks…
Now despite the stagnant trend of the society around us, the outlook for us should be massively optimistic.

The world is calling for more and more people to demonstrate, through understanding and application; the importance of stretching and growing; the importance of developing new skills gifts and talent; the importance of being the leader to those around us!

Our society is primed to take advantage of this massive opportunity. For the progressive and abundant mindset individuals to fill this void!

This is what you become when you concentrate on letting a desire to develop and increase your potential, becomes a part of your lifestyle.

So ask yourself: what are you doing today, compared to what you are capable of doing?

What changes can you bring about that will change your results from good to great?

What are you doing to bring significant influence to your family, friends, and society as a whole?

You are capable… don’t hesitate! Start to develop your potential now!

Article by Allan Smith