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About Us

BeTheBest Empowerment Network was established in January 2013. It is a Non-Profit organization registered with the corporate affairs commission (Nigeria) dedicated to empowering individuals to build a self-reliant and productive society, thus making the best use of their resources and God-given potentials.

The clear challenges in education and unemployment are some of the biggest issues facing our country. It is our desire to raise individuals that can institute lasting change within their environment enough that the changes have a multiplier effect on those around them.

 The Collapse of Values and Education in our society

Educational development in Nigeria is an uphill task due to the absence of an integrated developmental plan on education; that should reflect on the realities of an information-technology era with tablets and e-learning, the preferred model in industrialized nations.

Over the last decade, Nigeria’s exponential growth in population has put immense pressure on the country’s resources and on already overstretched public services and infrastructure, with children under 15 years of age accounting for about 45 per cent of the country’s population, the burden on education and other sectors has become overwhelming — (UNICEF Nigeria).

We recognize that teenagers and youth represent the future of our country and providing guidance on having a purpose that drives them while educating them on career options and life lessons would go a long way in shaping their lives, helping them build a better future.

The BEN Club seeks to ameliorate this decadence by creating platforms centered on building effective young adults, waking up the sleeping giant in them through capacity-building programs that affect their lives positively.


To raise champions, who would influence the world and have an impact on their generation.


To transform individuals into visionary leaders empowered to make the best use of their resources and potentials